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Solar Powered Security & GPS System

Solar Powered Security & GPS System

  • Solar Powered Security & GPS System
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  • Model: solarTrac2
  • Manufactured by: DrivTrac


Discontinued - No Longer Available

The SolarTrac2 Solar Powered Wireless Security & GPS Tracking System.
This system is perfect for trailers, motorhomes and off-grid homes that need a simple but effective security solution.

Completely wireless and solar powered, installation couldn't be easier. This security and GPS tracking system has a roof mount module that is placed in an area expected to receive the most sunlight. Installation is semi-permanent. Use double faced tape and a light bead of caulk to secure the module.

Up To 16 Total Wireless Devices! Add up to 16 SolarTrac2 wireless devices(ie. wireless remote controls, wireless door, window & motion sensors). One motion sensor and one remote control is included. You may add any combination of up to 14 additional remotes and/or sensors. All available sensors and remotes are wireless and battery powered. Batteries should be changed once every 6 months.

How It Works in Homes & Buildings
    Since this will be installed on a home, you won't need to concern yourself with the GPS tracking capabilities. Your house will likely stay right where you left it.

    The Roof Module contains the solar panel, a built-in rechargeable battery, a GPS receiver, a wireless receiver, a wireless transmitter and the 130db security alarm siren. The security system is very easy to install, set-up and use.

    When deciding on the perfect roof location, keep in mind that the wireless sensors have a range of 200'(feet). Once the mounting location has been determined you should skew the roof module by 10° clock or counter clockwise so that it sits at an 80° angle to the roofs ridge line. Doing this will ensure that rainwater is properly shed and not collecting on the roof.

    Throughout the home or building you will install wireless sensors that will monitor each room, window and door. Sensors will include all of the required mounting hardware(ie. double face tape, screws. . .)
    Once the setup is complete, you may "arm the system" using a keychain remote.

    Once the security system is "armed", it will be waiting for a signal from one of the sensors. If a sensor is disturbed it sends a signal to the roof module. The roof module siren will sound for 1 minute while the roof module transmitter sends alert notifications.
How It Works in Trailers and RV's
    The GPS TrailerTrac feature will be especially important to those leaving trailers or RV's in unsecured or unfamiliar locations. The TrailerTrac feature also comes in handy when you want to verify the location of your trailer while it's in transit. In addition, if the trailer or RV is ever stolen, you'll be able to give police it's exact location.

    The TrailerTrac Feature will utilize the roof modules GPS capabilities to sense the location of the trailer when TrailerTrac is activated. If the trailer begins moving down the road the system will send out alert notifications. TrailerTrac is easily activated by logging into your DrivTrac user account or by calling DrivTrac. Activation and De-Activation will need done when you wish to store or move your trailer or RV.

    The Security system is "armed" simply using the keychain remote. When the security system is armed it will be on standby for a signal from one of the wireless sensors. When one of the sensors detects an intruder it will signal the roof module to sound the 130db siren & send out alert notifications to your user account, Email and mobile devices.

    The Security System will let you know if a door or window is opened when it shouldn't be (requires door/window sensor), there's movement inside the trailer or RV when there shouldn't be (use included motion sensor) or when temperatures become dangerous for your goods (requires additional wireless temp sensor & currently works only in semi-truck apps).

What's In The Box
  • Roof Module
  • Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Installation Instructions
  • Security Window Stickers: "Protected by Electronic Security System"
  • Program Key for adding remotes and sensors
  • Activation Clip
  • 3 Years of GPS Tracking and Alert Service, Additional Air Time Available Here

  • Wireless Security System
  • GPS Trailer/RV Locate
  • Self Powered Tracking System by Solar Power
  • Simple to Install
  • 130db Alarm Siren Built-in
  • Includes One Wireless Remote & One Wireless Motion Sensor

  • Dimensions: 16.5"L x 13.75"W x 1.5"T
  • Weight:

Customer Reviews:

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by Noah Q.
Date Added: 01/07/2012
I did need a larger solar panel here in Canada. Once that was figured out we were smooth sailing. Your solution to the problem was greatly appreciated. Based on your service I have recommended you to many friends. Cheers ~ Noah

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by M. Dicks
Date Added: 06/24/2011
No doubt this will scare off an intruder. The monitoring system messaged my phone within 1 minute of testing the alarm. That's first class. Great job on the delivery time too, Thank you.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Thomas P.
Date Added: 04/07/2011
A bit confused at first as I thought there must be something to connect or hook-up. The installation was as simple as described. No problems with the equipment from 12volt-travel or the drivtrack account used for GPS tracking & sending alerts to my phone.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)


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