About The Owner

Mr. Martin created 12Volt-Travel as a source of income in the slowly declining economy of 2007. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, in the small, scenic town of Linesville, opportunities for income were disappearing quickly in the face of recession. Not one to give up, Mr. Martin decided to start a business dedicated to making life on the road easier and provide affordable products to tireless truckers and avid RVers. He hoped in doing so he could combine his love of traveling with his technical skills to provide a stable income for his family.

An RV enthusiast himself, Mr. Martin saw firsthand what it took to live life on the open road. The only obstacle in creating this business was how to make it different from the companies already providing similar products. Mr. Martin designed 12Volt-Travel around the idea of up-to-date, affordable products and useful information to go with them. He made the site easy to navigate, but also offered a customer service line for people with questions or problems. In the beginning Mr. Martin did all the work himself; taking orders, answering phones, updating the site.

Within his first year of operating, Mr. Martin realized that 12Volt-Travel was truly a success and hoped to help his company grow. The economy around Linesville had yet to change within this time. Mr. Martin decided to help his company and community at the same time. By hiring qualified people to work as the 12Volt-Travel Team, he provided steady employment to people in the community and a way to get fresh ideas for the site. 12Volt-Travel is continuously growing with each year that passes. Mr. Martin and the dedicated team at 12Volt-Travel plan to continue providing useful products and helpful information to travelers for years to come.