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After taking the first camping trip of the summer season I realized I was going to need a different GPS. We found a really good deal on a larger RV in the spring and decided to go for it and upgrade. The smaller RV we owned was a good size for the wife and I, but when we take the grandkids along things get cramped. I couldn’t wait to get the first trip under my belt in the new, bigger RV. I programmed my GPS, hit the road, and that’s when the problems started.

The GPS unit we owned wasn’t anything special. It told us how to go and got us there without a hitch 99% of the time. That was when the RV we were driving wasn’t much bigger then your average van. There weren’t many restrictions to where I could go. Now that our RV is the size of a tour bus we are limited to where we can take it. The roads we were turning on during our trip were not restricted to the RV. The main problem we had was getting onto them. With the wide turns we needed to make we ran into a few problems of jamming up traffic because the road was just too narrow. At one point the GPS was trying to route me around a toll road and attempted to have me turn the wrong way down a one way road, one in which the RV exceeded the weight limit as well. Needless to say I probably could have navigated to the campground faster with a map.

Once we reached the campground, 4 hours behind schedule, I knew the GPS unit was not going to work for my new RV. I decided to talk to a few of the other campers with large RVs and see what GPS unit they relied on. Amazingly one of the other campers had the exact unit I did and just figured that was as good as it was going to get. I refused to believe that modern technology was unable to accurately route a large RV. Luckily a camper a few sites down from ours told me about his Rand McNally GPS unit for RVs. He showed me how easy it was to use and told me the accuracy was amazing because it routes you based on your RV. I knew I needed to have this unit if I intended to keep my sanity and continue to travel.

I went with the Rand McNally 7” RV GPS from this site. Great price, fast shipping and I could not be more pleased. We took the rest of our planned trips of the season using the Rand McNally RV GPS and even added in a few extra based on the POIs suggested. We have a few fall trips planned to see the fall foliage. I’m looking forward to these trips more this year than ever before.

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