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The 12 volt WorldNav 7100 GPS is a great device for commercial drivers. Unlike other navigation systems, it’s programmed so you can travel without worrying about running into one-roads or roads with weight and height restrictions.

All of the WorldNav commercial drivers GPS units offered on are commercial and non-commercial switchable. This is a great feature for those that are sometimes let out of their truck and like to take family trips. Simply un-mount the GPS’s base from your dash or window and take it with you in the family vehicle.
It’s very easy to use and actually comes with suction cups that stick it right to the dashboard or windshield. It can give voice instructions in English and Spanish and you can hook up your MP3 or video player to it. Truck stops and weigh stations are all loaded into it already. I liked it most because of the touch screen.

It’s hard to fumble around with all the buttons while you’re driving, so having a touch screen is very helpful. It’s also possible to program your own waypoints into it so it can take you very quickly from one destination to another.
The biggest benefit of having the 12 volt WorldNav 7100 GPS is that it saves you a ton of time and money. When you’re a truck driver you have to worry about tickets, tolls, and losing time. A GPS like this one can maneuver you around obstacles you don’t have time for, without getting you lost. This ultimately saves you time and money. The GPS has loaded into it a U.S. and Canadian map in full color. There are many different ways to program it so it displays the directions in a way that you best understand. When I went RVing with the family it was extremely useful. Usually on a trip we can expect to get lost about three times, with the 12 volt GPS we just loaded in the destination and it took us there in record time.

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