When speaking of portable 12-volt powered refrigeration, the words "cooler" and "refrigerator" seem to be used synonymously when in fact they are quite different. So what are the differences between 12-volt coolers and 12-volt refrigerators, and which one is best for your needs?

Need supplies for truck drivers? When looking for the best supplies for a truck driver there is one important factor to keep in mind, the creature comfort factor. The more “at home” the driver feels, the happier and more comfortable they'll be. Many new OTR (over the road) drivers can easily become home sick. Not only because they'll quickly begin missing the company of their loved ones, but also due to the sudden separation from comforts they have at home.

A Brief Overview of Common Tax Deductions Available to Truck Drivers

Financially speaking, the start of a new year can be quite hectic for truck drivers because—as we all know—the tax man comes a knocking around that time every year. Sure, January to April is a good four month span, but that April 15th deadline can creep up quickly for those who procrastinate.

Luckily, tax deductions are much more abundant in the trucking industry than most any other job category. The reason for this is because a trucker’s career is almost completely comprised of business expenses, both travel-related and otherwise which generally can be deducted at the end of the year. While the aid of a tax professional is always recommended, below you will find a brief, yet precise list of typical deductions that truck drivers can take advantage of:

The Five Most Popular Travel Products

 What you should know before hitting the road

Many of us get to travel while others have to travel. Either way, business or pleasure there's a good chance you'll be hitting the open road sooner rather than later. Make sure that you're prepared. Make sure that your trip is as safe and as comfortable as possible. While it would make traveling in cars, trucks and RV's much easier, there doesn't exist a universal checklist. Each traveler and each trip should have their own critical points checklist. Once you have that covered there are some very affordable comfort lending additions you should make.

Mental concentration and alertness are two vital components to life on the road. Adequate sleep helps maintain these keeping you safer on the road. Having a comfortable truck sleeper mattresses to sleep on will go a long way to ensure you get a good sleep every night you’re on the road. The new affordable luxury truck mattresses available are just what a trucker needs to sleep great and wake rested.

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