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I'm trying to get the word out about portable GPS made just for us commercial drivers. All of the major truck stop chains carry these but rarely are they in stock.

I just got a computer for Christmas and my son helped me find some online (he's helping me with this too!). My very first "Favorites" was the Online Truck Stop.

How exciting! I/we found a great selection of commercial gps navigation units with truck routes here at the online truck stop and that's is where I bought mine.

I have only had it for about 2 weeks but I have not had one problem with it yet. I can get updates anytime I need it if I need it. I have told so many buddies about this and I'm glad that I did. All of them that have bought their own are more than happy & most have written letters to the Online Truck Stop to tell them how great these really are.

I recommend you check them out too! If you are a commercial driver you can not afford to not have one of these. The very first time that it steers you clear it will pay for itself. I remember the first time I turned the wrong way down a 1 way. Oh my gosh, I though I could just die. Not really, but I would have given everything that I owned to not be in that position at that time. Having one of these 28 years ago would have been great. Having one now is a blessing!

These GPS for Truckers can route your semi-truck according to the size and weight specs of your truck. Most of the units I've seen can store 10 million or more waypoints and POI's. Not that you'll ever need to store that many address in your GPS, but the option is there if needed.

Most truck drivers have always relied on an atlas or written directions. The internet changed all of that. Most of my driver buddies now use printouts from I've used mapquest many times and usually arrive in one piece within a few minutes either way of my orinal ETA.

Using one of these special truck gps nav units has helped me shave time off of deliveries I've made a thousand times before.
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