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The Best 12 Volt Products for Semi-Truck & RV Travel

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Second Amendment Support Gun Rights Ball Cap Hats
12 Volt Heavy Duty Metal Fan
12 Volt "Tornado Fan" with Removable Mounting Clip
180 Watt 12-volt Cup Inverter
JACK Amplified HDTV Antenna
5-inch Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps
Crank Powered NOAA Weather Radio
Relaxfusion Coccyx Cushion
12 Volt Beverage Heater
Truck & RV 7-inch Digital Wireless Backup System
Delphi Wireless IR Remote Control
Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headset
Semi-Truck AM/FM MP3/CD Player/Receiver
TropiCool 21 Quart 12 Volt Cooler - Warmer
Home DC Power Adapter Portable Device Charger
12 Volt Rechargeable Emergency Jumpstart System w/Air Compressor & Power Inverter
EZ-ELD Electronic Logging Device
Heavy-Duty Shallow Mount AM/FM/WB Stereo with Bluetooth
Multiple USB Power Hub Express
12 Volt AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth Player

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2oz 5-Hour Energy Drink Bottles
26 Liter Portable Refrigerator/Freezer
12 Volt Heavy Duty Metal Fan
12 Volt 4 Outlet Platinum Series Cigarette Lighter Adapter with 30" Cord
Truck - RV Refrigerator Freezer 12V-24V-110V
32" 12Volt Television LED w/HiDef
No Rinse Outdoor Shampoo
33 Quart Kargo Thermoelectric Cooler with Split Opening Lid
.8oz. Ozium Glycol-Ized Air Sanitizer - Original
12 Volt Direct Hook-Up Ceramic Heater/Fan with Swivel Base
24" 12 Volt TV HD Widescreen w/Digital Tuner DVD Player SD USB
10" 12 Volt or Battery Power Portable Fan
19" Hi-Def 12-Volt TV DVD Combo
Go Power! Complete Solar Panel Kits

12 Volt TV's

Our televisions are best for RVs, semi-trucks and many other automotive and off-the-grid applications. Our 12 Volt TV's are powered entirely by 12V DC power which is native to your vehicle without the need for special adapters or converters which tend to waste large amounts of power. These TV's host features commonly found in home TV's including the new digital tuner. Though most include built-in DVD capabilities, an external DVD Player can be connected to any of our TV's.

12 Volt Coolers - Refrigerators & Freezers

Adding convenience to travel has never been easier or more affordable. Bring along healthy home-made food, drinks and snacks. Keep them cold using our 12 Volt Coolers or 12 Volt Refrigerators until you're ready to enjoy. All portable electric coolers at 12Volt-Travel® will plug directly into the lighter socket outlet in your vehicle. So, what's the difference between coolers and refrigerators? In short the difference is the ability to reach very low temperatures. While our 12 Volt coolers are perfectly suited for travel in general, some people need or prefer a thermostat controlled refrigerator with the ability to freeze food, drinks and medical supplies.

12 Volt Fans & Heaters

Add a little comfort to your travels with our 12 Volt Fans and Heaters. All of our fans will plug directly into the 12V lighter socket, but many can be hard-wired into the vehicle's electrical system. Many of our 12 Volt Heaters are powered by the 12V outlet, but some require direct to battery connections.

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