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Double Shaft Motor Kit for Koolatron Thermoelectric Coolers

Double Shaft Motor Kit for Koolatron Thermoelectric Coolers

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Koolatron is a top manufacturer of 12-volt electric coolers. Like anything else after extended use parts can sometimes burn out and must be replaced. If the fan motor in your Koolatron cooler has stopped turning on it's likely time to replace it. This fan motor fits most double or dual shaft Koolatron cooler. The kit includes a fan motor, motor bracket and wires.

This replacement motor kit is designed for use with specific Koolatron cooler models. It is compatible with the P20, P27, P65, P75, P85, P95, W65 and finally W75

How to install the double shafted brushless motor replacement kit (F22522)

  1. Remove control panel and retain screws. For split-lid models, panel screws may be under lid gasket in cooler. Carefully remove lid gasket for reuse.
  2. Open lid and remove the screws holding the shroud onto the cooler if applicable. Gently pull the shroud off the aluminum fins. For split-lid models, there are two screws to remove.
  3. Pull the internal fan blade straight off the shaft.
  4. Remove motor screws (or bolts if applicable) and pull motor out.
  5. If motor wires attached with a plug in connector, unplug motor, discard and replug in new motor. Skip to step 11.
  6. If motor wires attached directly to other wires, cut motor wires, leaving a couple of inches attached to the cooler wires and discard motor.
  7. Strip about 3/4 inch of insulation off the motor wires.
  8. Twist one black wire of new motor together with one of the remaining black wires and insert into one of the connectors provided.
  9. Screw connectors on until snug. Gently pull on wires making sure they are secure. Repeat with the remaining two black wires.
  10. Reattach motor onto the cooler.
  11. Replace the internal fan blade. (The shaft must not exceed the internal fan blade.
  12. Snap the fan shroud carefully onto the aluminum fins and replace the screw (2 screws if applicable).
  13. Replace control panel. For split-lid models, replace grill and four screws and cover, reusing the original lid gasket.

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