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We Don't Just Sell 12 Volt Products
 - It's Our Passion

Since December 2007, 12Volt-Travel® has been delivering top quality products to motorhome owners and professional truck drivers across the United States. These days we proudly serve customers all around the world.

12Volt-Travel® started as a one man operation which quickly grew into a large "small business" employing many local workers. Our staff is comprised of fellow 12 volt, camping and travel enthusiasts as well as current and ex-truck drivers.

Today we are a profitable company and growing fast. But our mission has never changed: We'll help you find the best products to meet your goals making the most of your travels whether for work or pleasure.

Your 12 Volt Store

How did we know way back in 2007 that delivering travel related products for the truck and RV would be such a big hit?

Because truck drivers and their trucks are an integral part of the United States economy, every other industry relies on big rigs to deliver goods. Also, because a major portion of Americans enjoy leisure travel, both need great quality products which compliment their life on the road.

Moving Forward at 12Volt-Travel®

There is great power in the people at 12Volt-Travel® who inspire and motivate us. The more we draw from them, the more empowered we are to affect those around us. We have always been connected to the travel community, but today that connection is even greater as the travel world is changing in a profound way. Travel is moving from a largely solitary activity to a family and friends oriented activity. It's far bigger than just travel - it's a lifestyle. The way people perceive travel and how they experience travel is far different today than in the past. For many, travel isn't just what they do, but it's who they are.

We are proud to have been a part of your travel lifestyle in the past and are hopeful that you will allow us to serve your needs in the future.

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