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Refrigerator Freezers for Semi-Trucks

Storing perishable foods while over the road just became much easier and much more reliable. Installing any of our DC powered refrigerator freezers in your semi-truck or mothorhome typically takes about an hour. These are some of the best-performing semi-truck refrigerators available and when you shop 12Volt-Travel you'll save a pile of cash compared to dealer pricing.

All our truck and RV refrigerator freezers have thermostat control and use 12Volt DC power directly.

Semi-Truck Refrigerator - Freezer

Semi-Truck Refrigerator - Freezer
This DC Powered Truck Refrigerator makes truckers happy. A powerful thermostat controlled refrigerator freezer made to fit your truck and provide...
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Semi-Truck Refrigerator - Freezer for International Pro Star Trucks

Semi-Truck Refrigerator - Freezer for International Pro Star Trucks
This Semi-Truck Refrigerator Freezer has everything needed for a clean install with International Pro Star Semi-Trucks. It is thermostat controlled...
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Semi-Truck Refrigerator - Freezer Peter & Intl

Semi-Truck Refrigerator - Freezer Peter & Intl
This DC Powered Truck Refrigerator is a big hit amongst truckers. This fridge/freezer is controlled by thermostat made to fit your truck and provide...
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Under Bunk Drawer Style Refrigerator

Under Bunk Drawer Style Refrigerator
Dometic built-in drawer refrigerators for trucks offer generous cold storage in a robust and compact package. The Dometic CD series drawer...
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Truck - RV Refrigerator Freezer 12V-24V-110V

Truck - RV Refrigerator Freezer 12V-24V-110V
This fridge/freezer is a great replacement refrigerator for Boats, Trucks & RVs!
• Thermostat controlled
• Generator and Solar compatible
• 42qt Capacity
• SR48 Exterior WxDxH: 16.5" x 20" x 21"
• SR70 Exterior WxDxH: 20" x 23" x 21"
• Freezer HxWxD: 4" x 6" x 11"
• 50lb Empty Weight
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Choosing the Right Refrigerator Which refrigerator is best for your truck, RV or other installation is pretty easy if you know what to look for. On each refrigerator details page you will find the unit dimensions as well as the cut-out dimensions. The cut-out dimensions refer to the size hole required for safe and optimal performance.

Installing Your New Refrigerator Installation should be fairly easy and can be carried out by most truckers and RVers in a short amount of time. Once the installation location has been determined and prepared simply connect the fridge to power and slide into place. Once the unit is properly positioned it can be secured in place using included or self supplied screws or other appropriate hardware.

Time Till Cold Once your new fridge is installed and powered on set the thermostat to the middle of the dial and close the door. The fridge should be noticeably cold in just 15-20 minutes. The fridge and freezer(on equipped models) should be cold enough within one hour that the thermostat is now turning the compressor on and off as needed. Enjoy your new fridge!

The Best Refrigerator for Over The Road Truckers The best fridge really depends on the truck. Each of our heavy-duty fridge/freezers are made for specific tractor makes and models.
Refrigerator Model PPCRX50 is best for Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo and International trucks.

Refrigerator Model PP604304 is intended for International Pro Star trucks.

Refrigerator Model PPCRX65 is for the Peterbilt 379.

Now with that being said, these semi-truck refrigerators can actually be used in any 12V vehicle or off-the-grid application where power and cabinet space are available.

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