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Drawer Style 12V/24V DC Fridge Freezer

Drawer Style 12V/24V DC Fridge Freezer

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  • Model: D20A-D30A
  • Manufactured by: Vitrifrigo
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Under Bunk Fridge

The Vitrifrigo Italian Made D20A and D30A compact drawer fridges/freezers are suitable for small spaces in campers and many commercial vehicles. Designed using specific components for automotive applications, the D20A and D30A are used to chill or freeze, at any time. For example, start in fridge mode and then switch to freezer mode or vice-versa. Available only with black drawer front, the D20A and D30A have an elegant and refined finish that is harmoniously suited to any interior.

Temperature Control
The D20A and D30A are controlled by a digital thermostat, ensuring precise management of both temperature settings and optimization of compressor operation, balancing efficiency and consumption combined with noise reduction during night hours.

Remotable Cooling Unit
With the D20A and D30A you can finally maximize just about any space. The remotable external cooling unit offers added available volume inside the refrigerator. In addition, it expands the installation possibilities in terms of functionality, efficiency and soundproofing.

Functionality and Temperature Adjustment
Vitrifrigo Drawer Refrigerator Freezer Control Panel
Operation Modes
The D20A and D30A features four (4) modes of operation. These modes include the following...
  1. On/Standby To turn on the refrigerator, press the relative button for 1 second. Now all functions are active.
  2. Refrigerator Mode In refrigerator mode, 4 different preset temperature levels are possible. Choose one by pressing the set key (F) to change the temperate level. Every press of the set key (F) will advance to the next preset.
  3. Freezer Mode To start freezer mode, press and hold the freezer key (C) for one second. During this mode, it is not possible to change the temperature setting. To interrupt freezer mode, press and hold the freezer button for one second and the set will go back to the mode set previously.
  4. Night Mode To activate night mode, press and hold the sleep key (D) for one second. The 4 LEDs will start to light up alternately from left to right. During this mode, it is not possible to change the temperature set. Night mode will stop automatically after 10h from activation and the set will go back to the mode set previously.

This Refrigerator Freezer is Commonly Used In:
  • Semi Trucks
  • RV Motorhomes
  • Camper Vans (#VanLife)
  • Custom Vehicle Installations

  • Features
    Simplified Temperature Control 12 and 24 Volts DC Compatible Remotable Cooling Unit Voltage Protection L-Bracket or Custom Mounting 1-Year Warranty
    What's In The Box
    • D20A or D30A Fridge/Freezer
    • 4 x L-Brackets for Mounting
    • Owner Manual

    Model NumberD20A or D30A
    D20A Weight (Lbs.)33.1
    D30A Weight (Lbs.)37.5
    Power Supply12/24VDC
    Voltage Protection 12V Cut-Out/Cut-In10.4V/11.7V
    Voltage Protection 24V Cut-Out/Cut-In22.8V/24.2V
    Power Consumption43.5Watts
    D20A Dimensions (WxHxD) (In.)17 5/16" x 9 3/16" x 17 1/2"
    D20AStorage Volume CF (Cubic Feet)0.7
    D30A Dimensions (WxHxD) (In.)17 5/16" x 9 3/16" x 23 1/16"
    D30A Storage Volume CF (Cubic Feet)1.0
    Temperature Range14°F to 50°F
    MountingUsing Included L-Brackets or M4 Screws (not supplied)

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