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Screaming Meanie 110 Super Loud Alarm Timer TZ-120

Screaming Meanie 110 Super Loud Alarm Timer TZ-120

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  • Model: TZ-120
  • Manufactured by: Pacific Cornetta
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The Screaming Meanie Alarm Timer is perfect for even the heaviest sleeper. It runs on just one 9V battery and requires no external power source. It is extremely loud and very easy to set for new desired sleep durations. This model (TZ-120) works as a count-down timer. So if it's midnight and you want to wake-up at 8am you'd set the timer for 8 hours and then hurry up and hit the rack to catch the maximum amount of Z's possible.

The actual loudness measurement of this sleep timer is 120dB. This is roughly equivalent to a front row seat at a rock concert. For the most part, if a rock concert started up at the head of anybody's bed, they would likely wake up immediately. Point being - if you're a heavy sleeper or know one, this is the sleep alarm for them.

A built in panic button works like your own personal distress indicator attracting attention when needed.

Extremely Loud!
Loudness of alarm: 120dB
Caution: Do not use near grave yards. May wake the dead!

Available in Black, Yellow and Green, Please use the "comments" area during checkout to request a specific color. Please note: If you choose a color that is not currently in stock we will ship what we have on hand.
Uses One 9-Volt Battery (not included)

If you're lucky enough to have to worry about it, the 120 can be set for 23:59 in the future. You can set this sleep timer for twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes in the future!

Thank you so much for my 12 Volt "Quick Brew" 5 Cup Coffee Maker, it is absolutely amazing that it plugs directly into my cigarette lighter, its soooo handy! Thanks for your help with ordering, what a fantastic service!!! I couldn't have hoped for anything better!!! Charlie — , Canada — 

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