We all know that 12 Volt TV's are far superior to standard TV's, but the key is in knowing who will benefit most from making the switch to a 12 Volt TV. 12 Volt TV's with lighter socket car cordWhen you're at home with 110V AC power being piped in from the power grid you would definitely be using a regular home power TV. However, when the power goes out so will that standard TV. Many people will resort to using a power inverter to run their TV. All too often truck drivers and RV owners also fall into the power inverter trap.

While power inverters are a very convenient way of creating AC power, they do of course have their shortcomings. When powering a TV using a power inverter one of the inverter drawbacks is being compounded. This is because when electricity is being converted or inverted from one form to another (AC to DC or visa versa), there is a loss of usable power. For example: a 12 volt battery which has a capacity of 10 amps is worth approximately 7 to 9 amps once the power inverter has completed it's task.

Most, if not all standard LCD TV's internally convert household 110V AC power into DC power for use by the TV's internal circuits and components. That being the case a person would be at a disadvantage if he chose to use a power inverter to power an LCD TV using the 12 volt DC power stored in the battery or generated by a vehicle or other generator.

Choosing a 12 Volt TV a.k.a Dual Voltage TV is the way to go for those on the go and those off-the-grid. Since there is no power inverter required for powering a 12 Volt TV and the TV uses the 12V DC power just the way it is, there is no power conversion and thus no loss of power.

Now by most home TV standards even the largest 12 Volt TV being 32-inches is still a bit small. While 12 Volt TV's can be powered using the AC power in your house, it does require an adapter (included with most 12 Volt TV's). With that being the case it's reasonable that a person would replace their standard home TV with a 12 Volt TV. It is however very reasonable having a 12 Volt TV on hand for those emergency or spur of the moment situations where AC power is not available and TV is desired.

Often believed to be the best TV for RV's is of course the 12 Volt TV. Since these TV's can be powered using either 12Vdc or 110Vac they can work with the RV's stored DC power, DC power created by the generator, AC power created by the generator, or AC shore power at the campground or park.

Still in the mood for one of our power inverters or are you ready to make the switch to the best TV for your caravan, RV, semi-truck or off-grid camp? Checkout what our 12 Volt TV's have to offer or learn more about 12 Volt TV's.

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