There are many dangers for professional truckers; the most obvious being fatal crashes. Truckers have one of the most dangerous jobs, accounting for the highest number of highway fatalities. Truck drivers made number 9 on the list of jobs with the highest fatality rates in 2008 as posted by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). With the extreme risk that this job already provides, why add anymore risk?

Recently the topic of trucker’s health has been in the spotlight. With the fight against obesity running strong, more and more people are forced to face the choices they make at meal times. Truckers have

limited options available for food, most just settling for the nearest drive thru for a quick bite. Add to this the inability to exercise regularly and the number of heath concerns for truckers goes through the roof.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has put trucker’s heath at the top of their agenda, planning to tighten the rules and regulations on trucker’s driving with diabetes and high blood pressure. In order to maintain their license, trucker’s must pass a physical every two years. Driver’s with extremely high blood pressure and severe heart problems lose their license, but other heath conditions (such as obesity and smoking) are overlooked during physicals.

Common aliments for truckers include obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, exhaustion, depression and smoking. Add together the amounts of hours that truckers are on the road, lack of sleep, stress, and poor diet, and it’s no wonder truckers are unhealthy. It is safe to say that healthier drivers provide safer roads. Changing a lifetime of poor habits can take time, but the benefits are worth it.

There is a lot of information available to truckers to help turn around their health. Simple changes such as eating healthier meals, getting more active, and getting more sleep can greatly improve health. Roadcookin’ is a book that provides healthy recipes that can be made while traveling. It also discusses heart disease and diabetes, offers recipes and shopping lists, and provides tips on how to get started losing weight. Roadcookin’ is a great addition to any road kitchen.

Truck driving is an important industry. Helping truck driver’s get healthy will greatly improve the quality of the job. Trucker’s will be healthier and happier, and the roadways will be safer for all people driving. Fight the battle of the bulge, live healthier lifestyles, and make the roadways safer for all. Also, let’s start buckling up (now that the belly’s not in the way).


0 #2 Desiree M 2012-01-16 13:01
My husband and I travel in our RV a lot. I bought this book because the meals are fast and healthy. You don't have to be an over weight trucker to benefit from this book.
0 #1 Greg 2010-03-27 14:20
I cook pretty healthy when I'm home, but on the road I normally just grab the $5 heart attack in a paper sack from the closest drive thru. After reading this I went and bought the book. Thanks for the tip. The recipes are easy to follow, they taste great and I'm actually saving money on food.

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