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Need supplies for truck drivers? When looking for the best supplies for a truck driver there is one important factor to keep in mind, the creature comfort factor. The more “at home” the driver feels, the happier and more comfortable they'll be. Many new OTR (over the road) drivers can easily become home sick. Not only because they'll quickly begin missing the company of their loved ones, but also due to the sudden separation from comforts they have at home.

Whether you're a driver who's taking a new career path and are new to the industry, or you're a seasoned trucker with a million miles under your belt, these products will serve you well. If you happen to be shopping for a truck driver and you're unsure what supplies or comfort products are best for them, you just can't go wrong with a 12Volt-Travel Gift Certificate.

Truck Driver Necessities – Stuff Most Truckers Must Have
Storage Clipboards provide storage space for items like Log Books and forms. Drivers have a tough and sometimes dirty job. A nice pair of Work Gloves are always welcome. Flashlights are nice to have when a driver needs to inspect their load, their truck, or to have a look under the hood. Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headsets are a must have these days as it's illegal nearly everywhere to use a cellphone while driving. Fines and Penalties for professional drivers can be pretty steep.

Truck Driver Comfort – Stuff Truckers Will Appreciate Having
12-Volt Heated Travel Mugs are a great way to keep beverages hot while on the road. These 12-Volt Electric Blankets and Bunk Warmers keep drivers warm and help them sleep well as some states and rest areas do not allow trucks to sit and idle. This makes it tough for drivers to keep warm in the cab during off-hours. 12-Volt Cooking Appliances provide a driver the ability to prepare or re-heat a hot healthy meal that will keep them full and focused. 12-Volt Coolers are a great way to store perishable items like lunch meat and home-made meals. If the driver would like to take food items such as ice cream, then 12-Volt Refrigerator Freezers become necessary. 12-Volt Televisions make a great pass-time for those hours between driving and sleep. While a TV with DVD is nice, Portable Satellite TV is even better!

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