The Cobra 5550PRO 5” GPS for Professional Truck Drivers has Arrived!

Cobra Portable GPS Navigation for Professional Truck Drivers
This New Truck GPS claims to walk in its big brothers footprints (the 7750PLT). If that’s the case, truckers everywhere are in for a heck of a deal.

This Truck GPS has been released at a very competitive price and is packed with tons of features to help the professional driver keep meticulous records without having to write everything down as it happens.

The main features include:
Quick-Tabs allow drivers to see critical information such as the distances to weigh stations, travel centers, rest areas and mile markers at a glance.

Junction View with Lane Assist provides drivers with 3D images of upcoming highway junctions, as well as lane guidance and enhanced turn-by-turn directions.

State Mileage Log tracks miles driven within a state for IFTA reporting.

Hours-of-Service Timers enable drivers to easily track their On-Duty, Off-Duty and Driving Time

As with all of the GPS for Truck Drivers found at, this handy unit will help cut fuel costs, out of route miles and costly fines.

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0 #1 Luke B 2012-01-11 11:37
A co-worker of mine owns the 7750PLT. He was always talking about it being his favorite unit to date. I just purchased this 5550PRO for myself. I expect it will be just as good as advertised.

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