With winter now upon us it’s time to stock up on essentials to stay warm. All the new idling laws make running your truck for warmth out of the question, and with fuel prices as high as they are, who would want to anyway. Thankfully there are 12 volt products to keep you warm and comfortable this winter whether you are driving or parked.

12 Volt Heaters come in handy for defrosting windows or warming small areas. Heaters that hook directly to the battery, such as the Direct Hook-Up or DC Thermal Heaters, are the most efficient for producing heat. The DC Thermal heaters have the optional digital controller to allow you to set the temperature you are most comfortable at. There are other 12 Volt Heaters that work well as defrosters or feet warmers. Some are even a combination heater/fan to keep you comfortable all year round.

You could also concentrate on warming just the bunk you sleep in. The 12Volt Bunk Warmer is easy to use. Simply place on your bunk, plug it into your cigarette lighter socket, select your heat setting and it pre-warms your bed. When you are ready to turn in for the night you climb into an already warm bed and sleep on top of the cozy bunk warmer all night. The 12 Volt Electric Blanket is another option. Plug directly into the 12 volt outlet in your truck and cover up with the heated blanket to ward off the cold.

While these 12 volt products are a great solution, and they all have low power consumption, monitoring your battery level is important. This can be done by using a 12 Volt Battery Monitor. You plug it into the lighter socket and get an instant read out of your vehicle’s current DC voltage. Another option is a battery guard. A battery guard monitors your battery level and automatically suspends power to 12 volt items when the voltage drops, leaving you enough voltage to start the vehicle.

You could always keep a 12 Volt Emergency Jump Start System on hand just in case. Having a dead battery is bad, but when it’s the middle of winter it’s worse. Staying warm is a top priority on winter roadways. Having some of these handy 12 Volt Products around sure makes it a lot easier. 


0 #4 G.P. Lane 2013-04-30 12:52
I would agree the emergency jump start system is a must have. I've used mine in every season and am always so happy I have it in the trunk when I need it.
0 #3 Blair 2013-02-25 12:05
My electric blanket is my number one winter road accessory.
0 #2 Russ 2013-02-25 12:00
I got a DC Thermal heater for my truck. Best heater I've ever had.
0 #1 DJ Stewart 2013-02-25 11:59
A dead battery in the winter is no fun. Take this advice and have a jump start system on hand.

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