The CCF-T Mini-Fridge was specifically designed to fit inside the center console of F-Series Pickups (2015 - 2020) and Expedition (2018 + newer). This refrigerator can be easily installed in your qualifying vehicle within just an hour or so and requires virtually no technical experience. This is a real refrigerator produced by the mobile refrigeration experts at Dometic®.

Center console refrigerator for Ford F-Series PickupsThis mini-fridge has an storage capacity of up to 12 12oz cans or 6 20oz plastic bottles. A perfect size for drinks for the crew or a meal and drinks for two!

Main features include super low power consumption of just 54 watts to 68 watts on start up. Low voltage protection with automatic shut-down. A fully integrated sleek factory like finish. Illuminated front panel with power on/off button and two USB charging ports.

In an age where there are so many portable 12-Volt powered devices and products available the question becomes; how can I power this thing when I'm at home or work? AC to DC wall power adapter for portable devicesMany of us have seen, used, and probably own a small wall adapter that allows the use of a car phone or USB charger at home. These pocket-sized adapters are great for charging small items such as cellphones, iPods, MP3 players etc., but they're not so great for powering larger items like portable TV's, portable powered coolers, 12-Volt fans etc.

Looking for a great way to keep food, drinks, or even life saving medications cool while traveling without the constant requirement of hauling along tons of store bought ice or cold packs? There is one very affordable and convenient solution that you may not be aware of.

Portable mini refrigerators, also known as 12 volt coolers, can provide a cost effective way of adding both comfort and convenience to your summer travels and

Benefits of Having 12 Volt Fans for your Vehicle

Dual 12 Volt FansHave you ever felt hot and crowded in your car when your AC is just not working? How about your truck on long hauls? If you have felt sweaty and hot at some point in your vehicle, 12 volt fans are your ideal companion, either on long hauls or road trips in the car or camper. But how exactly do they help you out during tough times or in emergencies?

I have always been a deeper sleeper and have never been a morning person. Combine the two and it’s almost impossible to get me up in the morning. I can sleep through anything. There are times when I have to get up early to pick up a load or make a delivery. When I’m home it’s not too bad because my wife doesn’t cut me any slack. She’ll come in with a bucket of ice water if I don’t get up on time.

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