The modern world all but demands you stay connected. Whether through internet, texting or talking, everyone uses their cell phone to stay up to date. Just about everyone you will pass on a daily basis has a cell phone. Getting a clear cell signal is of the utmost importance to the average person. New cell phone towers seem to appear over night to serve a broader area. Even with all the towers there are still “dead zones” or areas with low cell reception.

Where you live will definitely determine your cell phone signal. If you live in a very rural area with long distances between you and the nearest cell towers, chances are you will have spotty reception. This is because

the further you are from the tower, the weaker the signal is when it reaches your phone. People in larger city areas are not exempt from the problem. Man-made concrete and metal obstructions, such as buildings and bridges, effectively block signals from reaching your phone. Dense forests and mountains can also affect the strength of your cell signal. While driving you are likely to encounter one or more of these issues, even on a short trip.

Cell phone signal boosters have been an easy solution to this problem. Not all boosters are created equal though. Wilson Electronics offers the Wilson Sleek, an affordable, user friendly cell phone signal booster. This booster reduces dropped calls, increases signal range, and increases 3G data rates. Instillation is a breeze with three simple steps. First, place the magnetic mount antenna on the roof of the vehicle. Second, plug the power adapter into the cigarette lighter outlet. Third, attach the cable from the antenna to the Sleek cradle. The Wilson bi-directional Signal Booster increases signal to and from the cell tower for any phone on any network (except Nextel/iDEN). The antenna receives the weak signal from the cell tower and the signal is boosted by the built in amplifier. The process then reverses to send a strong signal from your cell phone back to the tower.

The Sleek cell phone signal booster is also great with Bluetooth and hands-free devices. More and more laws are taking affect to reduce the use of handheld cell phones while driving in order to make the roadways safer. With the Sleek cradle, simply place your phone in the cradle to amplify the signal then connect your Bluetooth headset for hands-free use. Easy instillation makes it convenient to take from vehicle to vehicle. You can use the booster in your work vehicle then transfer it to your personal vehicle when the day is done to keep the conversation flowing. Obeying the law has never been easier and you no longer have to worry about dropped calls or spotty reception with the Sleek cell phone signal booster.

Cell Phone Signal Booster


0 #1 Marlene P 2012-08-07 12:55
I own this and recommend it to everyone. Thank you for pointing out that this does not work for Nextel/iDEN. I was going to buy this for my niece but it won't work for her.

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