I work in purchasing for a large trucking company. We use personalized log books to assure our information is always correct. We have multiple locations and use certain log books for each address. Personalizing each log book model with the address needed helps keep things more organized. One of the only problems I have encountered is typing errors. We once received a shipment of 2500 log books that had our company name spelled wrong. Personalized log books take a few weeks to print and ship. Having to return them and have them reprinted doubled the amount of time it took for this one order.

I have always loved to travel. Growing up my family would go RVing most summers. It was the best. Any time I had a chance to be out experiencing the world I was all for it. I would take millions of pictures so I could look back on them when winter took over. As soon as I graduated high school I got a trucking job driving coast to coast. I literally lived in my truck. I was referred to this site shortly after getting hired to be able to get 12 volt appliances to make my life a little easier. I got to live life on the road but was lucky enough to still have showers, a bed, and food readily available whenever I needed.

Our family is big on traveling. We love getting to see new places and spending time together. I work for the local school district and am lucky to have summer off. The minute school lets out we hook the camper up to the truck and go. With the kids getting older we have looked for different ways to entertain them during the long road trips to keep everyone happy. It used to be easy enough by simply teaching them the road games we played as children. Once they out grew those we bought some travel board games and coloring supplies.

I was always one of those drivers that didn’t understand the big deal about talking on a cell phone and driving. One hand driving is one hand driving; Bluetooth Headset or cell phone made no difference. My whole outlook changed when I lost control of my car on a snowy road while talking on my cell phone to my sister. I was heading to my mother’s house for a holiday get together while it was snowing. I didn’t think much of the storm. When you live in Vermont you drive in the snow during the winter. It wasn’t white out conditions or freezing rain; nothing extreme like that. It was simply snowing and the roads were covered. I wasn’t speeding or passing slower vehicles. I stayed in my lane, had my headlights on even though it was noon, and followed the car in front of me at a safe distance. My sister had called to see if I was on the road yet and to let me know the roads were starting to get slick. I told her I was on my way, the roads weren’t too bad and her big brother could deal with a little snow. The next couple minutes changed my life.

The area I live in is pretty rural. When it comes to using my cell phone I’m never sure if I will have a good signal or not. It’s pretty annoying dealing with dropped calls and bad reception when I can see the cell wilson sleek cell signal boostertower. I just happen to be too far away to really pick up the signal.

I’ve tried a lot of different cell signal boosters with varying degrees of success. None of them really solved my problem. I don’t really have a problem when I am stationary at my house and using my cell phone, it is more so when I am in the car driving. Most of the boosters I have tried

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