My husband is a trucker. Our children are all grown and have moved out of the house so I often go on the road with him. I love traveling with him and spending time with him while he does what he loves, but I got sick of having to pull my hair up the whole time we were on the road.

The most creative thing I would do with my hair is color coordinate the ponytail holder with the outfit I was wearing. I picked up the 12 volt hair dryer with folding handle and the 12 volt curling iron

for when I go with him. The curling iron works great but I expected a little more heat from the hair dryer. For the heat it puts out, the hair dryer works great though.

Styling my hair takes a little longer than it would at home, but I’m just happy I don’t have to wear a ponytail all the time. My husband agrees. We occasionally stop and eat at casual dining restaurants and it’s nice to be able to look presentable and not look as if I spent the last few days on the road.


0 #1 Angela 2010-11-27 10:53
I agree with this. It's amazing that simply styling your hair can make a world of difference on your outlook for the day.

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