I started my own trucking company about 15 years ago. It started as just a small fleet of 10 trucks. We hired mostly family and a few close buddies of mine in the beginning. Now my company has grown to a fleet of 150 trucks. We are successful but I new with all the modern technology there had to be a way to take it to the next level.

Luckily I found my answer on this site. I’ve been a regular here for years. During my latest visit I found they offer the Qualcomm MCP50. I've heard a lot of good things about Qualcomm over the years. Like...

I finally jumped on the bandwagon to healthy eating. I’ve been trucking for about 12 years and have put on a few pounds. Not anything extreme, maybe 10 pounds tops. My mother doesn’t see this as being OK. She is a dietitian and has been on me about the way I eat ever since I started trucking. I did my best to eat healthy, but when you are in a hurry you hit the drive thru at the nearest fast food joint and keep on truckin. Now my mother has my wife on me about the way I eat on the road. I started packing some foods to take with me, but I didn’t have a fridge in my truck to store perishable foods so I was limited as to what I could take. I had a small cooler I would take, but it only stays cold for so long.

After being laid off I started a new career as a truck driver pulling refrigerated material. I go into a lot of areas that I’m not familiar with. I used to just follow online directions because I didn’t trust a GPS. I tried out a friends TND700 for a week and now I follow the IntelliRoute TND because it routes me correctly. It even shows me the nearest truck stops and weigh stations.

Many of the locations I deliver to are in very small towns. Frequently the address I have is for the office instead of the shipping dock. When I finally do find the dock, I save the information in the TND710. Once I was hauling to a site about 30 miles off the highway. All I had was the physical address and

I’ve used a Bluetooth headset for a while now. I figure it’s better to be safe then sorry. With all the new laws being passed I’m really glad I already went hands-free. I do a lot of interstate driving for my job and would’ve really been affected by the law that just passed this January. With all the news about going hands-free I realized headsets have come a long way since I first got one. They have longer talk times and better battery life, not to mention the noise canceling technology is better.

A buddy of mine recently bought the Cobra CBTH1 to use in his truck. He says

I seen some of the stories on this site were simply about people and their daily lives so I figured I would share a story of my own. I live in a small town in Indiana. I retired from the trucking industry a little over 5 years ago. I enjoyed my job and the traveling I did as an OTR trucker. I like retirement quite a bit as well. I feel like I got out of the working industry at the right time since it only seems to have gone down hill since. I was born and raised in this small town and truly enjoy the atmosphere here. I like knowing most of the people I pass in town and them knowing me as well. It’s nice to stop by the local hardware store and be greeted by name. It’s a pretty close-knit community where people look out for one another. The one downside to living here is there are not a whole lot of job opportunities. Most people grow up here and leave to head for “bigger and better” things. Those who stay normally get a job in a factory, restaurant, or in the trucking industry. With the state of the economy lately unemployment has touched quite a few households in my town. Life isn’t always easy here when the economy is doing well, so it goes without saying that times are getting tougher.

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