I’m a trucker out of Buffalo, NY. I drove truck locally for a while. After the kids were grown and gone I took a long haul job. The wife figured she could just hitch a ride occasionally to site see while I worked. Since I was going to be driving into areas I was unfamiliar with I decide to get a Commercial GPS with truck routes. I never owned a GPS unit before and wasn’t real sure what to look for. I ended up going with the Garimn NUVI465T. It had all the features I figured I would need, and I had read a lot of good reviews about it.

I bought the unit, slapped it in the rig, and was ready to drive. I basically skimmed through the manual to figure out how to program my truck dimensions and my route. I didn’t think I would really need to do anything else. The first trip I made after getting my GPS was to Canada. I was heading from Buffalo to Toronto. When I programmed my destination the directions had me going south. I wasn’t so sure I had done it right being my first time using it, so I called the wife out to the truck to look it over. She tried, and sure enough it had me starting out south. I knew that couldn’t be right.

To make a long story short I called my son. When he was done cracking old timer jokes about me being out dated he decided to help. He has a car GPS unit. He told me that I might have the “Avoid Toll Roads” feature set. I got out my manual, figured out how to change the setting, and finally had a route taking me north. There was one toll road on my route that the unit was trying to avoid. That was my first, and only, issue with my GPS. Now that I’m more familiar with the technology I can see how user friendly they really are. I program my destination and just drive.


0 #1 Will 2010-08-27 12:41
I had a similar problem when I first bought a GPS unit. Mine was set to always take the fast route. I couldn't figure out why I never got to do any site seeing.

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