I’ve used a Bluetooth headset for a while now. I figure it’s better to be safe then sorry. With all the new laws being passed I’m really glad I already went hands-free. I do a lot of interstate driving for my job and would’ve really been affected by the law that just passed this January. With all the news about going hands-free I realized headsets have come a long way since I first got one. They have longer talk times and better battery life, not to mention the noise canceling technology is better.

A buddy of mine recently bought the Cobra CBTH1 to use in his truck. He says

it works great for him. I thought it was a nice headset but I’ve always used an over-the-ear set so I wasn’t sure I would be comfortable using the over-the-head type. I started looking around for a newer headset for myself, browsing trucker forums to see who recommends what. The majority of posts I found seemed to point to BlueParrott as being the best brand. I started looking for BlueParrott headsets and I found the Xpressway on this site. It seemed to be the perfect upgrade for me. The price was right and the headset seemed perfect so I bought it. I had it in two days and started using it as soon as it was charged.

I’m really glad I bought this BlueParrott headset. It is much better than my old set while giving me all the features I need. It has the noise canceling technology I need along with long talk and standby times. The fact that it comes with the three different wearing styles was an added bonus. I was able to try out the different styles and choose the one that I found most comfortable. Surprisingly I am now wearing the behind-the-neck style. The Xpressway is, in my opinion, the best choice for truckers. I never have anyone complain about hearing my engine. It’s just a crystal clear connection. I got more than my moneys worth with this product.


Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers


0 #2 Dean S. 2012-08-15 11:58
I'm not a trucker but I own a landscaping company. I bought this headset so I could still use my phone during the work day. I can use this with all the equipment we use daily and no one ever hears the machine, they hear me and I hear them.
0 #1 Trudy 2012-08-07 12:39
I wish more people in my area would invest in one of these. I see people swerving all over the place daily. I live in a farming town so there is always the chance of coming up on a slow moving tractor.

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