I finally jumped on the bandwagon to healthy eating. I’ve been trucking for about 12 years and have put on a few pounds. Not anything extreme, maybe 10 pounds tops. My mother doesn’t see this as being OK. She is a dietitian and has been on me about the way I eat ever since I started trucking. I did my best to eat healthy, but when you are in a hurry you hit the drive thru at the nearest fast food joint and keep on truckin. Now my mother has my wife on me about the way I eat on the road. I started packing some foods to take with me, but I didn’t have a fridge in my truck to store perishable foods so I was limited as to what I could take. I had a small cooler I would take, but it only stays cold for so long.

In the past few years I have slowly purchased more and more 12 volt appliances to use in my truck. I was able to cook some things for myself and save some trips to fast food places. My birthday present to my self last year was a new, bigger TV for my truck. Of course this was met with disapproval from the women in my life. They feel I should’ve put money into an actual fridge for my truck so I could take more food with me from home. I knew I wasn’t going to hear the end if I didn’t give in. So, I guess I didn’t jump on the bandwagon, I was more forced on. Either way I was done listening to the constant complaining about my way of eating.

I found a lot of information on different truck refrigerators and decided the Engel brand would be the best option. I liked the idea of being able to freeze food if needed. I found this site during my search and the cooler I wanted was available for a great price. After owning the Engel cooler for about 3 weeks I noticed another benefit to bringing my own food. My wife and mother are happy that they can ship me off with homemade foods and I am happy to see the extra money in the bank. I never noticed just how much of my pay went to restaurant and fast foods while I was on the road. I enjoy more of the food I eat now and I really enjoy the extra cash. I am one happy trucker now.


0 #3 Heather L. 2013-05-30 09:08
I think until you really start making your own food you won't realize how much you can save. Those dollar menus can be deceiving.
0 #2 Colton Pierce 2013-05-30 09:06
I'm with you on the bigger TV. I would've listened to the complaining a little longer to have the gift I wanted.
0 #1 Stan B 2013-05-30 09:04
Restaurant tabs add up faster than you could imagine. The cooler I got was my best investment.

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