Have you ever wondered how to install a complete mobile video system in a vehicle? In your Car, Semi-Truck, Motor Home or RV?

While creating a mobile video system is fairly simple for some of us, it’s not for everyone. Some folks will need to hire a professional to get the job done and there is nothing wrong with that. To make the job super simple a 12 volt tv with a built-in DVD player is the way to go. If you are in the market for a full vehicle system, installing a DVD capable car stereo / head unit should be the first step.

Not all DVD car stereos have a video display screen. So how do you watch the movie? Well using a video cable (the yellow cable out of the red, white, yellow) we can connect any number of video display screens from the stereos video output. Most folks like this option over a standalone DVD player video system. The installation possibilities are virtually endless and the audio can be played through the vehicles speaker system.

These video display screens can come built-into headrests, sun visors, overhead flip downs and as raw 12v LCD panels. These raw panels can be installed just about anywhere the imagination allows. For the DVD equipped systems that come pre-installed in headrests, overhead flips and sun visors, they can also have video inputted. This means that with a car stereo which has audio inputs or an auxiliary input, the video can be played on the standalone DVD player (headrest, overhead flip, sun visor) and the audio can still be played through the vehicles stereo system.

When installing in a motor home or camper you would want to use an in-dash / multi mount standalone 12V DVD player (Myron and Davis is a great brand). The audio and video can be split and sent out to any number of devices. The most common setup is to feed the video from the DVD player into several 12V LCD TV’s and feed the audio into the vehicles sound system. This provides audio and video everywhere.

Installing a standalone 12V DVD player is very simple. Hook up the red wire (positive) to the vehicles 12 volt positive side and the black (ground) wire to a bare spot on the metal vehicle body. Run the audio and video cables into a TV or once again, the vehicles audio system and a 12V video display screen and you’re in business.

Resources: 12 Volt Televisions | 12 Volt DVD Players | 12 Volt LCD Raw Video Panels


0 #1 Daniel 2010-05-19 15:13
I recently purchased one of these Bare bones LCD screens to install in my dash panel using the 10" version of the screens. I had a netbook installed some time ago by a friend and we finally got a nice screen to hook it up to!

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