Tires are an essential part to any vehicle. When it comes to a truck hauling important freight, making sure the tires on your rig are in good condition should be a top priority. Without tires your truck wouldn’t make it very far. Proper tire maintenance can also save money in the long run by cutting fuel cost and getting the full miles the tires are intended for. There are numerous factors that have an effect on the condition of your tire and contribute to irreversible tire damage.

Proper tire inflation is one of the easiest factors to control. When tires are over or under inflated damage occurs with every mile you drive. Under inflation can cause damage to the steel cords by over flexing and bending them to the point of no return. This kind of damage is permanent and can often lead to the tire being deemed flat and needing removed for inspection. Over inflating is just as bad and can also cause permanent damage to the tire such as uneven wearing. Always check the COLD tire pressure and make sure it is at the proper level. Different tires, as well as different load weights, will affect the amount of pressure needed, so check the manufacturer’s recommendations because over loading a tire can be just as bad as under inflation.

Proper mounting will also increase the efficiency of a tire. Prying on the tire to demount, or using “explosive” methods to mount, can cause damage to the tire. Make sure you always use a tire mounting and demounting tool to change tires. Improper repairs can also lead to catastrophic tire failure. Make sure to always have your tires repaired by a specialist. If the tire is temporarily fixed, meaning they patched it to get you home, only use it to get home. Have the tire removed and inspected, and if need be, replaced. If the tire is not meant to be driven on and you’re out truckin’ it up, sooner or later that thing is going to blow.

Suspension maintenance and wheel alignment go a long way as well. If either of these are out of whack the tire will be rub all kinds of wrong causing uneven wear. Once a tire is worn unevenly the tire doesn’t roll straight and evenly distribute the weight, causing a snowball effect of uneven wearing. Before you know it you are driving on a heap of scrap that used to be tires. Tires can be pretty costly, so instead of riding them dead before their time, spend the little bit of maintenance money to have them aligned properly and to keep the suspension system in top shape.

All of these simple tips can help you save money and keep your truck safer on the road. Make sure to properly inspect your tires before any trip and get on a good maintenance schedule.


0 #2 Sera L 2012-01-12 12:31
I knew tires are important on a car but have never really paid as much attention to my tires as I probably should. I had a tire blow on me just last month. Lucky for me it was more of a slow deflation than an actual blow out. Could've been a really bad day.
0 #1 Jerry 2010-10-22 12:07
Quite right! If I knew when I was younger what I know now, I could have save myself a lot of walking. I've had so many blown out tires in my life. . . Not to mention when ice strikes and your riding around on bologna skins!

Pay attention to your tires folks!!!

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