Do you have a trucker or traveler on your holiday shopping list? It can be hard to buy a gift for a person that lives their life on the road. You have to make sure the gift is useful and portable because, with the limited space available while traveling, only the most useful things hitch a ride. Give them what they really want. Here is a list of great gift ideas that are useful, portable and affordable.

  1. 12 Volt Appliances: Whether the person on your list enjoys drinking coffee or cooking a homemade meal, 12 volt appliances have you covered. With everything from slow cookers and pizza ovens to coffee makers and hot pots, finding the perfect appliance has never been simpler.
  2. GPS Unit: There are GPS units available that are made specifically for trucks and RVs. These units allow you to enter your truck or RV specs for personalized guidance to ensure you only travel roads that are safe for your vehicle.
  3. 12 Volt Television: 12V TVs are a great gift for anyone that’s on the road a lot. Most come with a built in DVD player so you can watch TV or movies from the comfort of your truck or RV while relaxing after a long day on the road.
  4. CB Radio: Long hours on the road can be very monotonous. Truckers can communicate with a CB radio while traveling.
  5. Bluetooth Headset: A noise canceling Bluetooth headset is another great option for communicating while traveling. With all the new laws banning handheld devices there has never been a better time to go handsfree!
  6. Bluetooth Speaker: The iEssentials airWave Bluetooth Speaker is an amazing portable speaker that can be used with both Bluetooth compatible and non Bluetooth compatible devices. The person on your gift list can use these speakers with your smart phone, MP3 player or tablet and enjoy excellent audio quality.
  7. 12 Volt Heater/Fan: Simple comforts go a long way on the road. Having a 12 Volt Heater or Fan can be the difference between an uncomfortable drive and an enjoyable ride. Give the gift of comfort.
  8. Electric Blanket: Another simple comfort to ensure quality sleep. A 12V Electric Blanket is convenient for those chilly nights on the road. Keep your friends and family warm throughout the year.
  9. Bunk Mattress: Having a heater or electric blanket provides comfort, but having a Luxury Bunk Mattress provides the restful sleep necessary for safe driving. Keep them alert and rested on the road by giving them a new mattress.
  10. 12 Volt Accessories: Need stocking stuffer ideas. 12V Accessories are perfect for stockings. Items like a 12 Volt Battery Monitor, Outlet Adapters or USB Chargers are just the right size for any stocking.

Gifting any of these top items this holiday season will show how much you care and understand the traveler’s way of life. Happy Gifting!


0 #3 D. Soux 2013-02-25 11:35
Very helpful information. Thanks!
0 #2 Sasha T 2013-02-25 11:25
This made my holiday shopping so much easier. Our whole family are big travelers so this list will even help with birthdays!
0 #1 Amanda 2012-12-18 12:40
This list helped me buy for my uncle who is a trucker and my grandparents that travel in their RV!

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