Mental concentration and alertness are two vital components to life on the road. Adequate sleep helps maintain these keeping you safer on the road. Having a comfortable truck sleeper mattresses to sleep on will go a long way to ensure you get a good sleep every night you’re on the road. The new affordable luxury truck mattresses available are just what a trucker needs to sleep great and wake rested.

Taking a scientific approach to sleep, the Mobile Innerspace Luxury Mattress is designed to promote the restful, healthful sleep you need to be your best on the road. The 100% Verflex core is a revolutionary material that distributes weight evenly and supports your body firmly from head to toe. No more lumpy mattresses or uncomfortable pressure points. The special open cell design of this material conforms to the contour of your body. You will feel completely relaxed and supported while you sleep soundly in your bunk. If you spend long periods on the road, treat yourself to the best semi truck sleeper mattresses.

To start getting the refreshing sleep you long for simply measure your bunk and choose the correct standard size Hypo-Allergenic Luxury Truck Mattress. Packaging and delivery are easy because the open cell design allows these mattresses to be rolled into compact packages. After you receive your mattress instillation is a breeze. Simply place the new truck mattress on your bunk, open the tape and allow the mattress to expand. Within a few minutes the mattress permanently expands to the 6.5" thickness. These semi truck mattresses are also perfect for Campers and RV's. Sleep in luxury for your next road trip.


Semi Truck Mattress


0 #3 Sam Reese 2013-05-07 12:02
We replaced the mattress in the used RV we purchased with one of these.
0 #2 N. Grace 2013-04-30 12:44
I never realized just how much of a difference changing my mattress would make to my sleep quality. Since buying this mattress I feel younger and more rested than ever.
0 #1 Herb 2013-04-30 12:36
I am so happy I bought one of these mattresses. I spend a lot of time in my truck and I actually feel rested when I wake up.

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