The Five Most Popular Travel Products

 What you should know before hitting the road

Many of us get to travel while others have to travel. Either way, business or pleasure there's a good chance you'll be hitting the open road sooner rather than later. Make sure that you're prepared. Make sure that your trip is as safe and as comfortable as possible. While it would make traveling in cars, trucks and RV's much easier, there doesn't exist a universal checklist. Each traveler and each trip should have their own critical points checklist. Once you have that covered there are some very affordable comfort lending additions you should make.

  1. 12Volt Mini-Fridge will allow you the ability to keep drinks cold and preserve fresh food without stopping for ice or dealing with the mess that melting ice creates. Just load the mini-fridge with your pre-chilled food and drinks, plug the cord into the vehicle's lighter socket and away you go!

  2. 12Volt Powered Fans are a very sensible option. Whether you'll be taking short breaks at rest stops or staying for the evening, the comfort added by fresh moving air is nearly priceless. The blower motor in your vehicle moves plenty of air, but that air comes from the engine area and is hot and uncomfortable. With a powerful fan that plugs into the lighter socket that won't be a problem for you. With a 12Volt fan you'll have fresh comfortable moving air on demand.

  3. The 12Volt Portable Stove lets you cook or re-heat that home cooked meal prepared for just this occasion using the available power from your lighter socket. That's right, now you can cook right inside of your vehicle, eat healthy and enjoy an easy cleanup.

  4. Portable Power Station with Jumpstart and Air compressor can really save the day when the day goes wrong. We've all forgotten to turn off the dome light and ended up with a drained car battery, or realized just outside of town that one of our tires could use a bit more air. The portable jumpstart and air compressor system solves both of the common problems.

  5. 12Volt Power Adapter provides the ability to power or recharge just about any 12Volt appliance or accessory using power from your home, motel or hotel. Now you can take your mini-fridge into your house or overnight-room and keep the contents cool using power from the wall. The power adapter can also be used to recharge your cellphone or other device.

All of these great travel accessories are affordable on nearly any trip budget and they're easily sourced online by visiting These tips also apply to semi-trucks, motorhomes and those who caravan or tow a travel trailer. Many savvy travelers know all about these handy items. They enjoy using them frequently and appreciate the convenience that they deliver. Make your next trip the best that it can be with


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