Traveling with children can sometimes be a challenge. They may not always want to go where the grown ups do. There are many great and beautiful places that many visitors frequent that may not be so appealing to our children. The best way around a fussy youth is to provide as many of the luxuries of home as possible. For example; most kids own some kind of video game system. Provide them with a way to bring it along. Hook up a 12 volt power inverter so that they can power their gaming stations.

These are often easily hooked up to

portable televisions. The power inverter that will be needed to power the video game station should be relatively small and easy to hookup. Most will just plug right into a cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle and will provide enough 110V power to supply a video game station. Presto! There is now a entertained child.

If there is internet and a portable computer on hand they might enjoy finding historical information about the area or attraction to be visited. Often times the “thrill of the hunt” for information is often enough to get the kiddies interested. Once they’re hooked the next challenge is to keep them interested.  If that fails, improvise!

Often times children (starting at 10years or so) will begin developing “lives of their own” and may really not want to travel. They might not want any part of it. They would rather “hang out” with their friends and do “nothing”. Most times the other parents don’t mind letting their kids tag along on a camping trip as long as they’re comfortable with the people going on the trip. Ask if the child’s friend might be allowed to go too. Now the kids are super excited and most likely are more than willing to go.

Our children don’t seem to get enough experience anymore before becoming little adults. Nature trips are a great way to help educate our children. All too often a child will throw a candy wrapper out the window without thinking that it may kill one of the few raccoons that still live around him or her. Camping is just a great way of helping our children become great people.

Traveling with children can be a great experience or a trip from hades. A few things that can make ANY trip better (admit it or not) is coffee, television and games. Make sure that there is plenty of good coffee for the adults and plenty for the kids to do.

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0 #1 Luarna 2010-12-23 11:05
Taking kids along anywhere now-a-days can be a challenge. This really gives some good pointers on making a trip with kids easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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