12 Volt Digital Converter Tuner Box DTV2

The DTV2 12 Volt Converter Box for autos and “off grid” living installs out of sight. This means that it can be installed in a cabinet, closet, under dash, under seat etc. In most cases you’ll find it’s best to install the 12V converter box within a short distance from your  TV (if you’re only running one TV).

The closer the converter box is to your TV the less cost you’ll have in A/V cables. It’s much cheaper and easier to run a long coaxial cable from the antenna to the box than it is to run a long A/V cable from the box to the TV. Continue reading “12 Volt Digital Converter Tuner Box DTV2”

Antennacraft HDMS9100 12V Hi-Def Digital Amplified Antenna Installation

Connecting Cable to The Antenna

  1. Loosen the two screws on the terminal board cover on the bottom of the antenna. This will expose a threaded coaxial receptacle and three special screw-type terminals.
  2. Screw the supplied coaxial cable’s lead-in connector onto the threaded terminal. Caution: Be sure the center conductor of the cable is in the hole of the F-connector before tightening.
  3. Your cable may have either Yellow/Black/White wires or Red/Black/Blue rotator wires.
  4. Note: Only loosen clamping terminals up to Continue reading “Antennacraft HDMS9100 12V Hi-Def Digital Amplified Antenna Installation”