12Volt TV Audio Quality & Settings

If you’ve purchased a new 12-volt television for your truck or RV and are having trouble with the audio there are a few simple steps that can help clear things up a bit.

Some folks don’t care for the factory audio settings on new TV’s. The description of the audio symptoms are normally “sounds like the TV’s in a tin can” or “volume isn’t quite loud enough”.

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A Jensen 12 Volt RV TV Nicely Replaces The Original Doghouse TV

Replacing an old RV TV may be easier and less expensive than you might have anticipated. 12 Volt RV TV by JensenSince the 12 volt CRT television has for the most part gone away, the first thing you should consider is how to mount a new Flat Screen 12 Volt TV.

Though wall mounting a flat screen RV TV in your motorhome is not necessary, it is highly recommended that you do so that the TV is properly secured.

Installing a new television in the doghouse location is fairly easy and can usually be completed in just a couple of hours. This is carried out by first removing the original television.

RV TV Wallmounts | Jensen RV TV’s

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In-Dash DVD to External TV Monitor

In-Dash DVD Players are great as a standalone component but they can also play a major role in a complete mobile video system. Follow along as we lay out a nice mobile video system that can be used in your Semi-Truck, RV, Tag-Along or Caravan.

In-Dash DVD Players will have audio and video (A/V) outputs and most will also have audio and video (A/V) inputs. These will be located on the back of the In-Dash DVD Player where the wire harness plugs in.

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12 Volt Digital Converter Tuner Box DTV2

The DTV2 12 Volt Converter Box for autos and “off grid” living installs out of sight. This means that it can be installed in a cabinet, closet, under dash, under seat etc. In most cases you’ll find it’s best to install the 12V converter box within a short distance from your  TV (if you’re only running one TV).

The closer the converter box is to your TV the less cost you’ll have in A/V cables. It’s much cheaper and easier to run a long coaxial cable from the antenna to the box than it is to run a long A/V cable from the box to the TV. Continue reading “12 Volt Digital Converter Tuner Box DTV2”

Antennacraft HDMS9100 12V Hi-Def Digital Amplified Antenna Installation

Connecting Cable to The Antenna

  1. Loosen the two screws on the terminal board cover on the bottom of the antenna. This will expose a threaded coaxial receptacle and three special screw-type terminals.
  2. Screw the supplied coaxial cable’s lead-in connector onto the threaded terminal. Caution: Be sure the center conductor of the cable is in the hole of the F-connector before tightening.
  3. Your cable may have either Yellow/Black/White wires or Red/Black/Blue rotator wires.
  4. Note: Only loosen clamping terminals up to Continue reading “Antennacraft HDMS9100 12V Hi-Def Digital Amplified Antenna Installation”