12Volt TV Audio Quality & Settings

If you’ve purchased a new 12-volt television for your truck or RV and are having trouble with the audio there are a few simple steps that can help clear things up a bit.

Some folks don’t care for the factory audio settings on new TV’s. The description of the audio symptoms are normally “sounds like the TV’s in a tin can” or “volume isn’t quite loud enough”.

To resolve these issues using the TV remote control,

navigate into your television’s menu system. Using the Left and Right arrow keys, move into the audio section. Here you will notice that there are several pre-configured audio setups called names like “movie”, “rock and roll”, “hall”… These will vary depending on TV brand. One of the options will be called “Custom”. This is the option we’d like to use.

So using the arrow keys and the instructions on the screen, select the Custom option for the audio settings. Next we’ll adjust the treble and bass until we’re satisfied, well, until you’re satisfied.

Normally when setting treble and bass a comfortable ratio is 1:1. This means that most times we like to hear sound with an even balance of treble and bass. On the other hand, when dealing with a television’s audio this ratio can sometimes vary a bit, or a lot. As is the case with Naxa and Skyworth TV’s.

The audio properties should be adjusted while the TV volume is at half ½ or just below the half way mark. From the factory the settings for the custom audio should look similar to, Treble is set near 50 and Bass set near 60 – 75. These settings are fine as is and are common and comfortable on larger televisions.

The Naxa and Skyworth brand televisions tend to sound best with a custom Treble setting around 25 and the Custom Bass setting around 40. Once configured these settings will remain even if you switch to a pre-configured audio mode and later return the selection in the TV menu settings to Audio Custom.

The audio settings mentioned here are simply a recommendation and are by no means a guaranteed fix to any TV audio issues you may be experiencing. If you feel that your 12volt TV audio issue is hardware related please contact us or the manufacturer for further assistance.