A Jensen 12 Volt RV TV Nicely Replaces The Original Doghouse TV

Replacing an old RV TV may be easier and less expensive than you might have anticipated. 12 Volt RV TV by JensenSince the 12 volt CRT television has for the most part gone away, the first thing you should consider is how to mount a new Flat Screen 12 Volt TV.

Though wall mounting a flat screen RV TV in your motorhome is not necessary, it is highly recommended that you do so that the TV is properly secured.

Installing a new television in the doghouse location is fairly easy and can usually be completed in just a couple of hours. This is carried out by first removing the original television.

RV TV Wallmounts | Jensen RV TV’s

Fitting the new wood wall into the RV doghouseTrimming out a nice piece of plywood from your local hardware store you can form a wall that fits inside the opening of the doghouse TV shroud.

You will of course want the wall to fit snugly inside of the doghouse TV housing shroud and also fit flush against the inside front edge.

Front of new doghoues RV TV wallDrill a series of well spaced pilot holes around the perimeter of the shroud face through the plywood.

Secure the plywood to the doghouse TV shroud using small to medium wood screws. You now have a wall in which to mount your new RV TV.

The mount used for attaching the new TV to the doghouse wall is normally a flat mount. Using a wall-mount with articulation tends to let the TV get in the way of the pilot and copilot. A flat mount or flat mount with tilt is best for this location.

Installing the RV TV wall mountInstalling the mount is done by first determining the exact horizontal (side to side) center of the new doghouse wall and marking it.

The proper vertical placement for the wall portion of the wall mount can be determined after attaching the TV portion of the mount to the back of the TV.

Once you have established the proper location a hole about 1.5″ – 2″ in diameter should be added just below the wall mount bracket. This hole will provide a way to run wires to the back of the TV without damaging the wires or creating an unsightly mess.

Attach the TV portion of the wall mount to the back of the TV using the 4 included screws.TV Wallmount on Back of Jensen RV Television On the back of the TV measure from the bottom of the mount plate to the bottom of the TV.

Now you’ll know the minimum height the wall portion of the wall mount can be placed on the new doghouse wall.

Replacing the doghouse TV shroud into the RVSo the new wall is completely installed in the doghouse TV shroud and it’s time to replace the shroud into the RV.

All original hardware should do the trick and hold the new RV TV in-place nicely.

Additionally you may choose to add a small steel “L” bracket to the bottom of the wall anchoring into the floor directly.

Attatching RV TV to new TV wall in RVFinally slide the TV portion of the mount (attached to the TV) down into the wall portion of the mount (attached to the wall).

The two pieces firmly lock into each other and from there only one or two (depending on the type and size of mount used) included small machine screws keep the two pieces firmly locked together.

In our project we’ve used a small piece of 3/4″ plywood, sanded, stained and trimmed to fit the TV shroud. Small plastic screw cover snaps (normally color matching to RV interior) with 1″ zinc coated wood screws. Flat adjustable TV wallmount and one Jensen RV TV.