Installing The Coleman Replacement Motor

The Coleman replacement motor fits Coleman models: 5616, 5232, 5640, 5641 and 5642 Thermoelectric Coolers.

The New Coleman Replacement Fan Motor is model number RPSMM by RoadPro and recommended by Coleman.

This is a pretty simple task and we’re confident that most folks should be able to accomplish this with little effort. This is not to say that anyone can do it, but it is pretty simple. Please follow along as we guide you through it. Continue reading “Installing The Coleman Replacement Motor”

Connecting a 6 Terminal Toggle Switch To a DC Motor

A 3 Position 6 terminal toggle switch can be used in many other applications and in many other wiring variations. Here we’ll cover how to use a 3 position 6 blade toggle to run a 12Volt DC motor or 12Volt actuator in forward and reverse directions. This isn’t a very complicated procedure and we’re confident that most folks should be able to accomplish this task.

Let’s say we have a 12Volt DC motor that we’d like to have spin in one direction sometimes and other times spin in the opposite direction. If we connect the motor’s positive power wire to a 12Volt battery’s positive terminal, and the motor’s negative power wire to the 12Volt battery’s negative terminal the motor would spin forward.
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The 12 Volt Battery

How do 12V automotive batteries work and how should we care for them?

There are a few types of automotive 12 volt batteries. Most folks are most familiar with the SLI (starting, lighting, ingnition) battery. 12 volt car batteries have six galvanic cells inside stacked inĀ  “series” fassion. Each cell provides 2.1 volts, together they equal 12.6 volts. A fully charged battery should read 12.6 volts. There are millions of tiny molecules that are constantly bouncing around in the battery. As the battery looses its charge these molecules stick to the lead plates in the battery. They are released when the battery is recharged. With the plates restored to their original condition, the process may now be repeated. Continue reading “The 12 Volt Battery”