Installing The Coleman Replacement Motor

The Coleman replacement motor fits Coleman models: 5616, 5232, 5640, 5641 and 5642 Thermoelectric Coolers.

The New Coleman Replacement Fan Motor is model number RPSMM by RoadPro and recommended by Coleman.

This is a pretty simple task and we’re confident that most folks should be able to accomplish this with little effort. This is not to say that anyone can do it, but it is pretty simple. Please follow along as we guide you through it.

Remove the external cover panel to access the motor. On 5616, four screws are located under the lid seal.

Write down the location of all wires before starting. Disconnect the motor wires only from the terminal block.

Take the cover off of the inside fan. Remove the fan from inside and outside of cooler and set aside for later use. Remove the two screw from the motor bracket. Remove the motor bracket and motor.

Before installing the new motor in the cooler, bend the two prongs on the new motor 90 degree (use the old motor for reference). Place the rubber bushing onto the motor.

Position the new motor along with the rubber bushing in the cooler cavity. Secure the motor with the motor mount bracket and screws.

Connect all wires. (Use the wiring diagram in the cooler “Instructions for Use” manual or your notes for reference.)

Put the fan back on the motor. Attach covers inside and outside cooler.

If you need more assistance please contact Coleman directly.

The Coleman Company, Inc.

3600 N. Hydraulic, Wichita, Kansas 67219. 1-800-835-3278

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