Solar Battery Maintainer ~ Mounting & Operating the SP-200

Assembly and mounting instructions.
Remove all cords wraps and uncoil the cables prior to using the solar battery maintainer.

To mount the solar battery maintainer (in a dry location off the ground):
• Using the solar panel as a template (guide), mark the location of the four pre-molded mounting holes on a secure, flat surface.
• If necessary, drill four 7/64” (0.109) dia. Pilot holes.
• Mount the solar panel using the four stainless steel screws provided.
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Tire Care

Proper inflation pressure is necessary for optimum tire performance, safety and best fuel economy. Following these simple tips can help you maximize your investment on tires while keeping your vehicle safe.

1: Always check your tire pressure when your tires are cold. Checking cold tires simply means that your tires are at air temperature. You can Continue reading “Tire Care”