Solar Battery Maintainer ~ Mounting & Operating the SP-200

Assembly and mounting instructions.
Remove all cords wraps and uncoil the cables prior to using the solar battery maintainer.

To mount the solar battery maintainer (in a dry location off the ground):
• Using the solar panel as a template (guide), mark the location of the four pre-molded mounting holes on a secure, flat surface.
• If necessary, drill four 7/64” (0.109) dia. Pilot holes.
• Mount the solar panel using the four stainless steel screws provided.

Note: Do not over tighten the screws or you will break the plastic frame of the solar panel.

Operating instructions
• This solar battery maintainer must be properly assembled in accordance with the assembly instructions before it is used.

The solar battery maintainer does not have an on\off switch. The on and off commands are controlled by placing the solar panel in the sun only after the battery connections have been made.

• You MUST disconnect the solar panel from the 12 volt power outlet or battery when starting the engine or driving the vehicle. Electrical surges from the alternator when starting and running may damage the solar panel.
NOTE: The clips and 12V output are always live.
• Ensure that all the solar battery maintainer components are in place and in good working condition, for example, the plastic boots on the battery clips.
• Decide weather you are going to use the 12 volt power plug or the battery clips to connect the solar panel to the vehicle. Connect the proper cable to the solar panel making sure the connection is secure.
• If using the 12 volt power plug, plug the connector into the vehicles power outlet making sure the connection is secure.
• If using the battery clips, connect the battery following the precautions listed in sections 6 and 7.
• Place the solar panel in the sun. for optimum solar battery maintainer output, face the front (glass_ side of the solar panel towards the sun, making sure there are no shadows being cast on the panel by the vehicle or any other objects. The best orientation to place the solar panel is in a south to north direction with the panel tilted at a suitable angle. The best angle would be the same as your local latitude. (Aim the panel as best as possible in the direction of the sun)
• To disconnect, reverse the procedure.

Using the quick-disconnect cable connectors
Connect either of the two output cable assemblies to the solar battery maintainer in seconds. Do not place on wet ground, anywhere it could be accidently stepped on or in a place or position where it could fall while being used. Never use the output cables together for other applications.

50 Amp battery clips
• Connect the end of the solar battery maintainer output cables to the end of the 50 amp battery clip cable.
• Follow the steps in sections 6 and 7 to connect the output clips to the battery.
• After a good electrical connection is made to the battery, place the solar panel in the sun per the instructions in step 3 of the maintaining section.

12V accessory plug
Maintain your battery without lifting the hood.
• Connect the end of the 12V accessory plug cable quick-connect to the solar battery maintainer.
• Insert the 12V accessory plug in to the 12V accessory outlet.
• Route the power cord from the solar battery maintainer through the vehicle’s open window.
• Place the solar panel in the sun per the instructions in step 3 of the maintaining section.

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