In-Dash DVD to External TV Monitor

In-Dash DVD Players are great as a standalone component but they can also play a major role in a complete mobile video system. Follow along as we lay out a nice mobile video system that can be used in your Semi-Truck, RV, Tag-Along or Caravan.

In-Dash DVD Players will have audio and video (A/V) outputs and most will also have audio and video (A/V) inputs. These will be located on the back of the In-Dash DVD Player where the wire harness plugs in.

To get started lets use a Single DIN AM/FM CD/DVD Player In-Dash Stereo with a Small Built-In LCD Screen. Let’s also assume that you already know how to properly install a car stereo.

Once you have decided on a location for the DVD Player Stereo and a location for the TV or Raw LCD Monitor/Monitors you’ll need to run the audio and/or video cables. You’ll also need to supply power to the monitors or the TV. If you’re going with a 12-Volt TV and you don’t have an outlet in the desired location use an Additional 12-Volt Outlet. RAW LCD Monitors don’t have a built-in power button/switch. For these you should use a Toggle Switch.

Make sure to keep your audio and video cables away from heat, power wires and moving parts that may pinch the cables over time.

Set Up 1 – In-Dash CD/DVD AM/FM + 12-Volt Television:

With this method you can play your DVD movies on the In-Dash DVD Player, hear the movies through your stereo sound system and watch the movies on your 12-Volt TV.

You will also be able to watch broadcast TV, or cable or satellite (if you have the equipment and subscriptions) and hear all of this through your stereo sound system.

  • Run a Set of Audio Video Cables (1 red, 1 white, 1yellow) from the DVD Player to the TV.
  • Behind the DVD Player connect the video cable to the DVD Player’s video output.
  • Behind the DVD Player the Red and White Audio cables to the DVD Player Left and Right Audio INPUT.
  • Behind the TV plug the video cable into the TV Video Input
  • Behind the TV plug the Red and White Audio cables into the TV Audio Left and Right OUTPUT.

Set Up 2 – In-Dash CD/DVD AM/FM + One RAW LCD Monitor:

  • Run a single Video cable from DVD Player to the LCD Monitor.
  • Plug the Video cable into the LCD Monitor Video Input cable
  • Behind the DVD Player plug the Video cable into the DVD Player Video Output cable.

Set Up 3 – In-Dash CD/DVD AM/FM + Two or More RAW LCD Monitors: Requires Video Splitter or Pig Tail Splitter

If installing two monitors fairly close to each other you may want to use a “pig tail splitter” to split your one DVD video feed cable into two.

  • Run a Video Cable from the DVD player Video output to within a few feet of each monitor
  • Attach the pig tail splitter
  • Attach a Video Cable to both of the leads from the pig tail splitter
  • Run the Video Cables to your LCD Monitors

If you have installed or plan to install more than two monitors. . .

  • Run a single Video cable from the DVD Player output to the video signal splitter input.
  • Attach a video cable to the video signal splitter output for each monitor you install.
  • Run each Video Cable to an LCD Monitor
  • Plug the Video cables into the LCD Monitors Input cables