Maintenance of 12 Volt Coolers and Portable Mini Refrigerators

Caring for your 12 volt cooler or portable mini refrigerator.
How to clean your 12 volt cooler or portable mini-fridge.
12 volt coolers are electrical devices and should never be submerged in water or any other liquid. When cleaning is required, whether interior or exterior, only a damp cloth should be used. A mild, easy to remove detergent and or bleach may be used, just be sure to rinse the cloth well and repeat wiping the cooler surfaces to remove dirt, food and detergent. Be careful that excess water from the cloth does not get into the cooling mechanism.

Routine maintenance of 12 volt coolers and portable mini refrigerators.
Similar to a home computer or laptop computer these portable electric coolers utilize small dc powered fans and heat sinks to aid in cooling and warming efficiency. These fans and heat sinks should be kept as clean as possible in order to prolong the life of the fan and other cooling components. Keeping the fan and heat sink clean and free of dust and other airflow restrictive objects will allow for optimal performance. The fans and heat sinks can be cleaned using canned air just as one would use to remove dust from a computer fan. If you use an air compressor, be sure to not use too much air pressure as doing so may damage the fan or other internal components.

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