Pairing Bluetooth Headsets

Connecting or “pairing” your Bluetooth headset to a Bluetooth capable device is fairly simple. The time it takes to complete the process varies, but only takes a couple minutes on average.

Before beginning the pairing process make sure to charge the Bluetooth headset and have the Bluetooth PIN close at hand. You will need the PIN later on in the pairing process. The headset should come with a PIN for you to enter. Most use a basic default PIN such as “0000”, “1111”, or “1234”. After your headset is charged and you have located your PIN number you are ready to begin the pairing process.

To start the pairing process, go to the Bluetooth menu on the device you are connecting to. If you can not find the Bluetooth menu either go to the main menu of the device and locate Bluetooth, or refer to your owner’s manual. Have this menu open while you turn on the Bluetooth headset to “pairing mode”.

This mode is typically attained by starting with the headset off, then pressing and holding the multi-function (call answer) button for a few seconds. A light will blink to let you know the device is on, and after holding in the button for a few more seconds the LED on the headset will blink in alternating colors (typically red-blue) indicating the headset is in “pairing mode”.

From the Bluetooth menu on the device you are connecting to, select “Find” headset. This may not be the exact word used, but it will be a close variation. When the device “Finds” the headset you are trying to connect to it will ask you for the PIN. When prompted enter the PIN.

Wait a moment and you should receive a message confirming the connection. It will say something along the lines of “Hands Free Connection Established”. That’s it. You are now connected and ready to go.