What is VESA?

VESA is short for Video Electronic Standards Association, a consortium of video adapter and monitor manufacturers founded in 1989, whose goal is to standardize video protocols.

The VESA Standard defines mounting interfaces, hole patterns and associated cable/power supply locations for LCD/TFT monitors, plasma displays and other flat panel devices. Comrac monitor arms are designed to fit this standard, to make monitor attachment quick and easy.

The most common interface for VESA compliant monitors are those equipped with either a 100mm x 100mm or a 75mm x 75mm mounting hole pattern.Our arms attach to both standards with ease. Plasma and other large screens may be designed to the newer 200mm x 100mm or 200mm x 200mm configuration, or the large 400mm x 600mm. Some of our solutions are also suitable for these.

There should be 4 screw-holes in a square pattern, 4mm in diameter, usually located in the center or towards the bottom of any monitor. Fortunately most models from most manufacturers are now made to this standard. The holes may be recessed (and therefore a universal 75mm/100mm fitting will not be suitable for a 75mm VESA monitor), or may be hidden by the original monitor stand – removable unless there are associated electronics in the stand.

Finding a suitable mount for your requirements should be a straightforward process in most instances. Common VESA Patterns include but are not limited to:75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm,100mm x 200mm, 200mm x 200mm, 400mm x 200mm, 600mm x 400mm, 800mm x 400mm