Tires are an essential part to any vehicle. When it comes to a truck hauling important freight, making sure the tires on your rig are in good condition should be a top priority. Without tires your truck wouldn’t make it very far. Proper tire maintenance can also save money in the long run by cutting fuel cost and getting the full miles the tires are intended for. There are numerous factors that have an effect on the condition of your tire and contribute to irreversible tire damage.
Have you ever wondered how to install a complete mobile video system in a vehicle? In your Car, Semi-Truck, Motor Home or RV?

While creating a mobile video system is fairly simple for some of us, it’s not for everyone. Some folks will need to hire a professional to get the job done and there is nothing wrong with that. To make the job super simple a 12 volt tv with a built-in DVD player is the way to go. If you are in the market for a full vehicle system, installing a DVD capable car stereo / head unit should be the first step.

There are many dangers for professional truckers; the most obvious being fatal crashes. Truckers have one of the most dangerous jobs, accounting for the highest number of highway fatalities. Truck drivers made number 9 on the list of jobs with the highest fatality rates in 2008 as posted by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). With the extreme risk that this job already provides, why add anymore risk?

Recently the topic of trucker’s health has been in the spotlight. With the fight against obesity running strong, more and more people are forced to face the choices they make at meal times. Truckers have

The health of our nation’s truck drivers has become a key issue recently. Truckers are required to pass a physical every two years in order to maintain their licenses, but these physicals over look some key health issues, such as obesity. Truckers spend majority of their time on the road, limiting the amount of time they have available to exercise. Lack of exercise coupled with the poor food choices of most truckers is creating a serious problem. Let’s face it; grabbing fast food or snack cakes is a lot easier than preparing a healthy meal.

Whether traveling for pleasure or work, everyone likes to have the conveniences of home with them. There are a lot of 12 volt appliances available to make life on the open road easier. From portable coffee makers to portable sandwich makers, whipping up a homemade meal is easy. With all these available accessories all you need is a place to store the food. 12 volt refrigerators are the answer. They come in a wide range of brands and sizes, but most operate under one of two methods. There is the Engel brand, which features the patented “swing pump”, and the thermoelectric cooler, which uses the Peltier effect for cooling.

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