In-Dash DVD to External TV Monitor

In-Dash DVD Players are great as a standalone component but they can also play a major role in a complete mobile video system. Follow along as we lay out a nice mobile video system that can be used in your Semi-Truck, RV, Tag-Along or Caravan.

In-Dash DVD Players will have audio and video (A/V) outputs and most will also have audio and video (A/V) inputs. These will be located on the back of the In-Dash DVD Player where the wire harness plugs in.

To get started Continue reading “In-Dash DVD to External TV Monitor”

Tire Care

Proper inflation pressure is necessary for optimum tire performance, safety and best fuel economy. Following these simple tips can help you maximize your investment on tires while keeping your vehicle safe.

1: Always check your tire pressure when your tires are cold. Checking cold tires simply means that your tires are at air temperature. You can Continue reading “Tire Care”

12 Volt Digital Converter Tuner Box DTV2

The DTV2 12 Volt Converter Box for autos and “off grid” living installs out of sight. This means that it can be installed in a cabinet, closet, under dash, under seat etc. In most cases you’ll find it’s best to install the 12V converter box within a short distance from your  TV (if you’re only running one TV).

The closer the converter box is to your TV the less cost you’ll have in A/V cables. It’s much cheaper and easier to run a long coaxial cable from the antenna to the box than it is to run a long A/V cable from the box to the TV. Continue reading “12 Volt Digital Converter Tuner Box DTV2”

How to Use FM Modulators

The most commonly used and widely know type of FM Modulator is the type that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. The second type are those that are built into some MP3 players. Both of these methods share the same problem; they sit near your vehicle stereo and broadcast on a frequency that is hopefully not being used in the area. While these types of FM Modulators work well sometimes, other times they can be problematic and frustrating.

The Best FM Modulators require installation in the vehicle. The installation process is pretty simple and the outcome is very effective. These FM Modulators are installed “In-Line” with the vehicles AM/FM antenna. Continue reading “How to Use FM Modulators”

Speaker Polarity Test

Oftentimes when installing new speakers in a vehicle it’s not clear which wire is positive and which is negative. It is important to figure this out before connecting your new speakers to the vehicle.

To determine which wire is positive and which is negative we will use a method commonly referred to as a “Pop Test”. The “Pop Test” uses one of your speakers and a 1.3V battery. This can be from “AAA” to “D” cell. Continue reading “Speaker Polarity Test”