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Small 12 Volt Fan for Electronics Airflow Cooling

Small 12 Volt Fan for Electronics Airflow Cooling
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  • Model: PF-2
  • Manufactured by: PAC


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This 12 volt cooling fan is built using precision ball bearings for smooth and quiet operation. This fan efficiently moves 105 cubic feet of air per minute with a long life expectancy of about 50,000 hours. It is powered directly by a 12 volt power source and is commonly used in the cooling of computers, power supplies, car amplifiers and other heat sensitive electronics.

  • 5 inch Wire Leads for Easy Installation
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Dimensions 4.65" x 4.65" x 1.50"
  • 105 CFM of airflow
  • Draws .6 amps of current
  • Low Noise/Sound level 45dBA

Got everything , they came separately is all.
I'm so excited to have these, it's going to be a huge help in the operation of my semi.

Thank you
Dennis S. Dennis S