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80-Watt 2-Channel Adjustable Line-Output Converter

80-Watt 2-Channel Adjustable Line-Output Converter

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  • Model: AX-ALOC608
  • Manufactured by: Axxess
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Integrated 80-Watt 2-Channel Adjustable Line-Output Converter allows for the installation of line-level input devices such as amplifiers and crossovers into stereo systems that do not have preamp level outputs. Mounting can be done with zip ties, and this device even has channels molded into the design to help keep the zip ties from slipping. Be sure you connect the positive output wires from the audio source to the corresponding positive input wires of the this device. The same goes for the negative audio wires. Failure to do this will result in poor bass response and low-quality audio.

Simply connect the input wires to the high level output speaker wires from your stereo. This device will drop the signal level down to a safe level for the low level inputs on the stereo amplifier, crossover or other device using standard Red/White RCA cables.

80W Max Input
2 channels
Separate level adjustment for each channel
Small, easy-to-mount design
Molded channels for zip ties

I bought a 12 volt television from you almost 2 years ago and haven't had a single problem with it. This TV has been in our horse trailer so I'm surprised that it's still ticking. We've recently gone "Off Grid" and are outfitting our new home with all 12 volt appliances. So far all is well and everything that we purchased from you (except for the out of stock humidifier) has worked fantastically.

We've told a lot of our friends about your company and a few have already come to us with great reports and thanks for turning them onto you.

Best Regards, Cynthia A. Cynthia

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