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Truck GPS - Commercial GPS for Truck Navigation & Routing

These truck routing gps systems will help truckers follow routes approved for commercial vehicles. Navigation is based on individual truck specs and is quickly updated for new rigs or loads. These truck GPS are portable and they require no permanent installation so they can easily move with you from truck to truck if need be.

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Truckers GPS Systems help cut fuel costs, improve efficiency and help avoid costly fines. These GPS are available from 5" to 7" Touch Screen.
GPS Navigation for Semi-Trucks

5-inch Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps

5-inch Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps
The redesigned, fourth-generation TND™ 530 LM includes new features to aid professional truck drivers in planing ahead. Sleek hardware is just the...
 Special: $285.00
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Trucker 600 6" GPS Navigation

Trucker 600 6" GPS Navigation
Make the most of your driving time with the TOMTOM Trucker 600 GPS Enjoy the best in truck GPS by an industry leader such as TomTom. This GPS...
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Truck Drivers GPS w/ 5 Display & Lifetime Maps

Truck Drivers GPS w/ 5 Display & Lifetime Maps
The new TND525 by Rand McNally. Desigend for the professional truck driver. Ensure your trip plans take special restrictions into consideration.
• New Rugged Design + New Features
• Wi-Fi Live Weather Maps
• Fuel Purchase Logging
• Record & Display Routes Traveled
• Map coverage of both U.S. and Canada
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With a new truck GPS truck routing is made easy. It's no longer necessary to follow a road map or atlas but you should still carry them in your truck just in case your GPS should fail to receive a signal.

Commercial GPS for truck use is a tool to help you navigate safely, it's not an autopilot. Keep your eyes open!
  • Rand McNally Truck GPS
  • PC Miler Truck GPS
  • Garmin Truck GPS
  • Cobra Truck GPS
  • Magellan Truck GPS

We also have a great Fleet Tracking System from TrakNet.

Locate a lost driver and get them back on track in minutes. More about the Fleet Tracking System. . .