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12Volt TV's

Our televisions are best for Trucks and RVs as well as many other 12V applications. Our 12Volt TV's are powered entirely by 12V DC power which is native to your vehicle without the need for special adapters or converters which tend to waste large amounts of power. 12 Volt TV's host features commonly found in home TV's including the new digital TV tuner. Making mobile entertainment even better, we offer many 12 Volt TV/DVD Combos. Though some TV's include built-in DVD capabilities, an external DVD Player can be connected to any of our TV brands.

12Volt Coolers - Refrigerators & Freezers

Adding comfort and convenience to travel has never been easier or more affordable. Bring along healthy home-made food, drinks and snacks. Keep them cold using our 12Volt Coolers or 12Volt Refrigerators until you're ready to enjoy. At 12Volt-Travel® all portable electric coolers will plug directly into any 12Volt DC lighter socket outlet in your vehicle. So, what's the difference between coolers and refrigerators? In short the difference is the ability to reach very low temperatures. While our 12Volt coolers are perfectly suitable for many drivers, other drivers including EMS teams need or prefer a thermostat controlled refrigerator with the ability to freeze food, drinks and medical supplies.

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While you're here checking out all the great 12-volt products for cars, trucks and RV's, also checkout the 12Volt-Travel® Knowledgebase offering free advice regarding 12-volt products and best practices.

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