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12Volt TV's

12volt TVs for truck rv motorhome and car 12Volt TV's have a wide range of uses not limited to RV-Motorhomes, Semi-Trucks and Coaches. All televisions at 12Volt-Travel® have the digital tuner built-in (no need for separate converter box).

Enjoy HD Anywhere! Along with HDMI our 12volt TV's include a wide range of input options which even includes VGA PC connection. All feature audio outputs for connection into your sound system or wireless headphones. A 12volt TV is powered directly by some 12volt DC power source (no need for power inverters here). With Jensen as the only exception, when you purchase one of these televisions at 12Volt-Travel® it will ship with an additional power cord which will allow you to use the TV from any 110V power source which is sometimes nice when shore power is available. The Jensen brand 12V TV's can also be powered using the optional Jensen power supply.

12Volt Fans & 12Volt Heaters

12volt fans 12volt heaters 12Volt Fans & Heaters offer an added level of flexibility to your comfort. We have a wide variety of fans - clip-on, oscillating, can/tornado and heavy-duty stainless steel fans normally mounted near the windshield in trucks, RV's and boats. All of our 12Volt Fans offer easily adjustable speed settings.

Some of our 12Volt Heaters are pretty small and are great for use as window defrosters. These smaller 12Volt heaters plug directly into your 12V lighter socket or 12V accessory outlet. We also offer a few DC Powered Heaters that are a bit larger, much more powerful and require a direct connection to a DC power source. These larger DC powered heaters are available from 12V-72V versions.

12Volt Refrigerators Freezers Coolers

12volt coolers and refrigerators intended for automotive or 12vdc use Use our 12Volt Fridge/Freezers and Coolers to safely pack along healthy foods from home or the grocery store without buying bags of ice and dealing with wet soggy food a day or two down the road. All you need is a 12volt power source! Even better, now you can steer clear of junk-food and that awful junky fast food. Long gone will be the days of paying too much for a meal made of mystery ingredients prepared by someone that you don't know. 12Volt Coolers also make travel possible for those who depend on medications requiring cool storage. All of our 12Volt Coolers plug directly into your vehicles lighter socket/12V outlet and cool to near 40° below the ambient temperature. At 12Volt-Travel® you can also buy 12Volt refrigerators and freezers that plug into a 12 volt outlet or connect directly to your vehicles 12volt DC power system.

12Volt Coffee Makers

12volt coffee makers It's quite a task finding a great cup of coffee that you didn't make yourself. Truck stop coffee is normally pretty bad but some drivers do learn to tolerate it. Though we can often find a mom & pop shop who's coffee is somewhat acceptable, we're looking for exceptional. Love Coffee? Tired of disappointment? Now you can brew a fresh hot cup or a whole pot whenever you're ready. All portable 12Volt Coffee makers take a little longer than a standard coffee maker but that extra minute or two is quickly offset by freedom and great coffee!

When you're done brewing your coffee pour it into one of our great 12volt heated mugs.

12Volt Appliances

12volt appliances for cooking Our 12Volt Appliances give you the ability to prepare a hot, healthy and delicious meal while away from the main power grid. We have many portable kitchen appliances specially adapted for use by plugging into any 12Volt power outlet. Whether you're setting up a complete kitchen in your boat, truck or RV, or your taking your first road-trip you're sure to appreciate owning appliances that are powered from any 12volt lighter-socket accessory outlet.

12Volt Accessories

12volt accessories for automotive or 12vdc use 12Volt-Travel® 12Volt Accessories will make using your portable 12volt appliances and other 12volt devices much easier. Extending an outlet, adding a new outlet or simply multiplying a single 12volt outlet into two or more is easy. As you can probably imagine we here at 12Volt-Travel® have a great selection of 12volt accessories for use in your car, truck, RV or other automotive application. Many of our 12Volt Accessories are also great for use in alternate energy (off-grid) homes and emergency storm shelters.